Larry L. Altimus has been hunting sheep annually since he took his first record book bighorn in Montana's unlimited area in September of 1969. Robert Anderson's highly acclaimed books "Great Rams and Great Ram Hunters" and "Great Rams II" account many of Altimus' rams. He says "Few sheep hunters have hunted harder or against greater odds than Larry Altimus". Forty years of mostly backpack hunting have produced several record book rams for Altimus.


Stephanie and Larry are highly accomplished alpine hunters. Both have completed the Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep-Stephanie was only the 41st lady to accomplish this feat. In 2007 Stephanie completed her 2nd Grand Slam making her the first and only woman hunter to have ever taken two Grand Slams. In December 2009 Larry completed his 2nd Grand Slam, taking a great desert ram in the state of Texas scoring 181 2/8 BC. Larry and Stephanie are the only hunting couple known to have each taken two Grand Slams.


Larry has harvested the last legally taken grizzly bear in the Lower 48 states in the spring of 1991. He has also taken all 10 big game species of Montana. This has been done by less than a half dozen people.