As the deadline approaches for special permit applications, our thoughts turn to which areas to apply for, which have the best odds, tying up our money for months, etc. With over forty years experience in the hunting, outfitting and guiding industries, we would like to offer you our application services to make this process a bit easier and hopefully more successful.

1. When HAS submits your application, it has your name, your social security no.(for tracking bonus pts.), your personal data (ht., wt., etc.), and your address. This ensures the tag drawn or refund check will be returned to you. For states that require tag money with the application(CO, ID, NM, WY), your credit card will be charged for the tag fee and if unsuccessful the refund check will be returned to you. It is imperative that you supply HAS a credit card that can handle the adequate charges or your application will be rejected.

2. We will recommend areas if requested. We know areas in regards to trophy quality, best odds, accessibility, etc. If you know which areas you wish to apply for, then we will of course use those.

3. Your application will be checked for errors, license numbers, signatures, etc. Hundreds of applications are rejected each year due to errors.

4. All applications will be sent by certified express-mail or by online submissions to the appropriate state game offices to ensure the deadline date is met.

5. We will notify you of your success or rejection in the drawings.

6. HAS keeps accurate records of your preference and bonus points and areas applied for. This information is always available by calling our office.

Our application service makes the application process as simple as possible. We ask you to complete and return our Contract and Hunter Information Profile. This is a one time process; these records will be kept on file.



The Contract gives HAS limited power of attorney to process and sign your applications. If successfully drawn, your credit card will immediately be charged the tag fee.



This profile gives HAS a better understanding of the type of hunter you are and the quality of game you are interested in. With this information HAS can better match you to the area that best suits your physical condition and hunting desires.

The first week of January each contracted HAS client will receive an application order form for the coming year. This must be completed and returned immediately, as application deadlines begin in January. No other HAS order form will be sent. HAS will charge your card as state deadlines are due. This spaces your charges over a 4-6 month period. Please provide one or two credit cards with appropriate limits to handle your application charges. Applications with invalid credit cards will be rejected.

With 40 years hunting/guiding experience, HAS has knowledge of many reputable outfitters and will offer recommendations at no charge. It will certainly be your choice.

We look forward to serving you. If you need Hunter Application Service paperwork or further information, please call 520-591-9226, or contact us at the appropriate address found at the bottom of our application order form. And remember, "your chances of drawing a tag are a lot better if you put in"!

Good Hunting,

P. O. Box 552
Pearce, AZ 85625
Phone- 520-591-9226



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